change log

== Changelog ==

1.6.5 result available from url example : and 2 rest api available and

1.6.4 Major security bug fixed, Thanks to Lim Benjamin

1.6.2 performance improvement , now SSR scripts will be loaded only when needed.

1.6.1 added disable default front css feature in option page. Spanish translation added.

1.6.0 performance improvements.

1.5.8 Loading gif change options added in settings page. no result found message box style can be change from settings custom css option. performance improvements fix.

1.5.7 user capability for the plugin bug fixed , all data page in admin panel bug fixed.

1.5.6 custom css feature added.

1.5.5 new short code [ssr_results showall="yes"] to show all the student/employee in a single page is added.

1.5.4 result search by button / disable ajax search disable option added.

1.5.3 some optimizations in settings page, now settings page will save faster.

1.5.2 wordpress image resolution added in settings page.

1.5.1 Institute Name and address Added in report . birthday of the month feature improved.

1.5.0 added birthday of the month , several improvements.

1.4.9 added print facility , new auto user create feature system added tutorial here , saveral bug fixed.

1.4.3 Database Bug Fixed.

1.4.2 Database Bug Fixed, Passing Year field will allow text up to 500 length.

1.4.1 Front End CSS Bug Fixed.

1.4.0 Minor Bug Fixed.

1.3.9 Added 6 new fields on some user request. Only the fields has data will visible in front end.

1.3.8 Minor Bug Fixed.

1.3.7 minor bug fixed.

1.3.6 Front End Responsive issue fixed. Some effect added in front end record search.

1.3.5 Responsive issue fixed. Save button added. few modifications .

1.3.3 Minor Bug fixed . option variable functions updated.

1.3.2 Minor Bug fixed . some css issues.

1.3.1 Minor Bug fixed .

1.3.0 Minor Bug fixed . A lot of new features added . You can use this plugin for employee database or anything else as well .Now you can change required field , change several text and custom post title, field names , years field is now open for write, and you can see all saved entry as well in add entry page. see the magic when change settings .

1.2.3 Minor Bug fixed .

1.2.2 Major Bug fixed , Settings page added.

1.0.2 General improvements.

1.0.1 fixed saveral bugs.

1.0 This is first version.